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Whether youve recently retired or are nearing the point at which youre considering hanging up your work gloves for good, the current low-interest-rate environment probably isnt helping you feel more comfortable about your financial situation.

As youre probably aware, Americans arent the best savers. According to the April readout from the St. Louis Federal Reserve, personal savings rates in the US are just 5.4%, which means we need to be able to do as much as possible with what little were saving relative to the rest of the developed world in order to hit our retirement goal. Unfortunately, low lending rates, which have been perpetuated by the Federal Reserve since late 2008, arent helping. Even consumers with large amounts of cash are struggling to find money market accounts or CDs yielding much beyond 1%, meaning in many instances, even in todays low-inflation environment, people are losing real money by investing in interest-bearing assets.

Worse yet, even with the Federal Reserve in monetary tightening mode, the regulatory body may not have much room to maneuver. US GDP growth has been subpar, global growth concerns from China and Europe remain, and inflation has been below the Feds long-term target. These would all be signs that point toward a very cautious approach to lending rate hikes in the coming months, and even years. Thats not great news for people in their 50s and 60s who had been counting on interest-based assets to be their income producers during retirement.

Yes, you can make money in a low-interest environment

But have no fear, because there are indeed ways to make money in a low-interest-rate environment beyond just interest-bearing assets. If youre in your 50s and 60s and sweating low lending rates, then consider these three potential money-making strategies.

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